Restorative Dentistry Services in Nashville, TN

Learn more about the restorative dentistry services Dr. Jones and Dr. Estes offer patients in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, and Cool Springs.

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

A treatment approach that aims to restore health, comfortable function, and the esthetic appearance of the entire mouth. This process can take someone who still has all or most of their teeth and visually transform them by placing crowns or veneers over the natural teeth to restore their proper function and appearance. Alternatively, for those who have lost most or all of their teeth, dental implants can be used as a foundation on which to place a natural-looking prosthetic that replaces all that's been lost. There can be many treatment options to consider when approaching this type of care and we promise to help empower you to make decisions you confidently understand and that accomplish your highest priorities.


White Fillings

Restore cavities, repair chipped teeth, and replace unattractive old fillings with tooth-colored composite resins that are indistinguishable from the natural tooth. We use BPA-free composites and never use any metal, so you don’t need to worry about materials like mercury found in outdated amalgam fillings.


Crowns, Inlays, Onlays, and Bridges

Ceramic restorations fit over or into natural teeth and are used to strengthen fractured teeth or repair bad cavities and broken teeth. They can be made to look exactly like your natural teeth or dramatically alter and improve their color, shape, or position. We always use metal-free ceramic and zirconia crowns, providing you with the most aesthetically pleasing and safest materials. The majority of our crowns are finished in just one appointment using our in-office CEREC technology. This method prevents the inconvenience of wearing a temporary restoration and returning for a second appointment to get the permanent.  Click here to learn more about the technologies we feature.



Natural looking removable replacements for your missing teeth. Dentures are the most economical way to replace all or most of your teeth, and they can still provide a stunning improvement of your smile and ability to eat. Implants can also be used to help stabilize dentures, increasing your confidence and ability to smile and chew with security.


Root Canals

A treatment option for treating infected or painful teeth, allowing you to preserve your natural tooth and avoid an extraction and potential replacement. This is accomplished by removing infected or inflamed nerve tissue from inside the root of the tooth. We utilize ozone gas during our root canal procedures to enhance your treatment outcome. As with all treatment decisions, we will discuss the pros and cons of a root canal with you and assist you in deciding if it is in line with your health goals.


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