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Pinhole Gum Grafting in Nashville, TN

A less-invasive, modern technique for treating unattractive gum recession and root sensitivity.

  • No incisions or sutures
  • Quicker recovery than traditional grafting
  • Restores the natural appearance of your gumline
  • Capable of treating multiple areas at one time

Gum recession can be unattractive and uncomfortable, but it can also be detrimental to your long term oral health. The risk from gum recession comes from the exposure of the tooth root.  You may notice an area of recession or asymmetry in your gum line that is visible when you smile or an area that is sensitive to cold liquids or brushing your teeth.  These are usually the first signs that will alert you to the presence of gum recession.  Once the root surface is exposed, the risk for developing more significant tooth problems is raised.

  • Exposed root structure is more susceptible to wear from brushing and abrasive toothpastes and can lead to the development of sensitive grooves or notches in the tooth root.
  • Exposed root structure is also much less resistant to the development of cavities than enamel is.  It is not uncommon to see cavities develop on areas of slight gum recession, even in mouths that have previously been unaffected by tooth decay.
  • Recessed gums are also associated with increased presence of gum disease.  Inflammation from this infection can cause damage to the bone surrounding teeth, resulting in potential tooth loosening or loss.

Many people that think that painful and invasive traditional tissue grafts are the only option for those suffering from gum recession, but there are more modern options available. Pinhole gum rejuvenation doesn’t use scalpels, grafts, or sutures. Instead, a small hole is made in the gums, which allows specially designed instruments to gently loosen and reposition the receded gums to cover the exposed roots.  This near immediate improvement quickly eliminates sensitivity and restores your confidence in the healthy, attractive smile you deserve.

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