Holistic Dentistry Services in Nashville, TN

Holistic Dentistry focuses on the direct link between your oral health and the health of your entire body. We aim to treat the causes of any oral health challenges you are facing. Simply treating symptoms is never enough, as your issues will likely resurface. Rather, we want to work with you to create lasting solutions that will allow you to have the kind of health and well-being that make you want to smile.

Learn more about the holistic dental services Dr. Jones and Dr. Estes offer patients in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, and Cool Springs. 

Safe Mercury Removal

The use of specifically developed protocols to minimize your exposure to mercury during the removal and replacement of mercury amalgam fillings (silver colored metal fillings).


Metal-Free Dentistry

A focus on using biocompatible materials to restore teeth. We exclusively use metal and BPA-free, bonded composite resins (“white fillings”) and metal-free all ceramic crowns, bridges, and veneers. We also have the ability to replace missing teeth with zirconia implants and a completely metal free implant abutment and crown that attach to the implant.


Gum Disease Treatment

Modern research is constantly teaching us how interconnected the mouth and the rest of the body are. Part of our commitment to addressing the whole-body health of our patients is educating them on how interrelated gum disease is to many other systemic illnesses and risk factors.


Ozone Therapy

We utilize ozone in a variety of ways during our treatment of many dental and oral health conditions.


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