We all love having a beautiful smile. No matter your age, being able to smile with confidence is very important. When you know that your teeth are crooked, out of alignment, have gaps, or are discolored, it can cause you not to smile as much because of embarrassment.

There’s an easy solution though, that can solve most problems including crooked, discolored, damaged or misaligned teeth. That answer is dental veneers. By carefully formulating a plan especially for each individual, Dr. Jones can customize dental veneers so that they accentuate your facial features and give you a healthy beautiful smile.

For older individuals, veneers can reshape and whiten teeth that have become worn, chipped, or yellowed. This gives the mouth a youthful appearance and can also reduce fine lines around the mouth. Most patients agree that the results are phenomenal. Discolored teeth are whiter, teeth are now straight and just the right size and shape for your smile.  That dingy, aged look is gone.

Today’s cosmetic dental procedures add beauty and confidence to your life and can cause an overall improvement to attitude. You look in the mirror and love what you see and this, in turn, can become an encouragement to get more fit and healthy. It can work like a snowball effect in helping someone really get excited about life again. Are veneers not the right fit for you? Check out our Kor Whitening and Invisalign® services. Kor Whitening has been described as the most effective and reliable bleaching system ever invented and has been used by dentists all over the world. You’ll love the excellent results you see with Kor Whitening.

The Invisalign® system has become popular in the past few years because it’s so much more convenient than regular braces. No more pain and discomfort as with normal braces. Teeth gently move into place using a series of custom-designed plastic “aligners”. No wires or brackets to deal with like regular braces!

If you’ve been gazing in the mirror lately and not liking what you see, then maybe it’s time to ask about dental veneers, Kor Whitening or the Invisalign® system.  Dr. Jones and his staff would love to speak to you about these innovative ways to transform your smile.

We are equipped to handle the majority of your dental needs

We understand the importance of having a dentist you can trust. And that means not being sent off to a different specialist every time you need a new procedure. At Nashville Restorative Dentistry, we are equipped to handle the majority of your dental needs from cosmetic to restorative, implants to extractions. When you come to us, you are getting a dental team for life.