If you are looking for truly innovative dentistry look no further than Dr. Ryan Jones, founder of Nashville Restorative Dentistry. Dr. Jones’ office is one of the area’s leading providers of CEREC same-day dentistry, the quickest and most affordable way to enjoy the smile of your dreams.

The CEREC process

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic. It is computer-aided dentistry that allows Dr. Jones to provide a vast range of advanced dental services all in one day. This means less time away from work and virtually no waiting for your gorgeous new smile. A typical CEREC visit to this Franklin, TN, dentist begins with a thorough exam. Dr. Jones and his staff will evaluate your overall oral health and then discuss your options and costs.

Once you decide that CEREC is right for you, Dr. Jones will take an optical impression, which is a 3D image of your teeth. He can then create a life-like replacement — even matching your natural tooth color — using the on-site milling unit. Within just a few hours, your exam will be complete and your new tooth (or teeth) ready for placement. You will be checked for bite and proper fit before your replacement tooth/teeth are polished and bonded into place.

Fast, gentle dental service

Dr. Jones strives to provide his clientele with the most affordable options available in dental medicine. CEREC allows the dentist to do just that. The vast majority of procedures are done in one visit. Dr. Jones does not have to take physical impressions of the teeth and there is no need for an inconvenient temporary restoration with multiple visits. CEREC units are milled from the best materials available. Dr. Jones explains that the metal-free materials can restore a smile back to its natural beauty and functionality without exposing potentially harmful chemicals into the body.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the CEREC restoration process is that it is easy on patients with a strong gag reflex and those with an aversion to invasive dental procedures. It provides an opportunity to receive cosmetic and functional dental treatments that can improve your appearance and quality of life. Dr. Jones explains that oral health has a major impact on your self-image. The US National Library of Medicine has released numerous studies on the topic, including this one from 2017, which outlines the negative impact of dental disorders on adolescent self-esteem.

CEREC was first unveiled in September 1985 at the University of Zürich Dental School. Since this time, the system has evolved and earned a place of respect in dental offices across the globe. CEREC dentistry is fast and affordable and gives you, the patient, complete control over your treatment. It eliminates the possibility of mismatched teeth and can leave you with a smile you’ll be proud to share in a single afternoon.

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