Many people in America suffer from dental fear. Here is how some dentists face the problem and get their patients the care they need. If for some reason the video does not load, we’ve included the transcript for your conveience. To schedule an appointment with Nashville Restorative Dentistry call (615) 591-0294.

Speaker 1: Today in Living Healthy, did you know that as many as 75% of adults and children in the U.S. experience some form of dental fear? Yeah, we all know someone who falls into that category. This actually prevents certain individuals from seeking dental care. They will avoid it at all costs because of that phobia. If this is you or someone that you know, sedation dentistry might be the solution. We learned more from the team at Southcoast Smiles and Perfect Smiles.

Speaker 2: Afraid of the dentist? Not a problem at Southcoast and Perfect Smiles. It’s always a welcoming and comfortable place.

Dr. Joy Dhawan: Sedation dentistry is a wonderful adjunct to providing dental treatment. You can have sedation dentistry for something as simple as a cleaning or even the most technique sensitive procedure.

Speaker 2: You will get the proper treatment. They always know your history.

Dr. Joy Dhawan: Our patients are constantly monitored. We monitor your blood pressure, your oxygen rate, carbon dioxide, EKG. We also make sure that you are provided with constant oxygen throughout your entire treatment as well. Prior to your sedation itself, we absolutely know everything about a patient’s medical history.

Speaker 2: We even got a look at their private treatment suite. Where it all takes place.

Speaker 1: Okay, Dr. Joy. Who really needs sedation dentistry? When we talk about that, who are we talking about here?

Dr. Joy Dhawan: We like to believe that almost everyone can be an excellent candidate for sedation dentistry. It’s a wonderful adjunct to treatment. Of course, the patients who are very fearful can definitely benefit from it. But believe it or not, sedation dentistry like I said, it’s a wonderful adjunct for treatment. It can be provided for patients who have a very low pain threshold.

Speaker 1: We were talking about making it as comfortable as possible. Fittingly you have the comfort menu here. Talk a little bit about what that is.

Dr. Joy Dhawan: The comfort menu. Like we were talking about before, just being in a comfortable environment within five minutes, your blood pressure can go down. Hypertension can be relieved. We have headphones as well, so you can listen to soothing music. Or better yet, when you’re reclined we’ve got the flat screen T.V. so you could watch something that’s very positive for you.

Speaker 1: Maybe the road show?

Dr. Joy Dhawan: Maybe. Low pain threshold. Very large treatment plan. Sensitive teeth. Bad gag reflex. These are all, all indications for sedation, whether it be a mild sedation, or a moderate or a deeper form. What we want is to create this ease for our patients who come here. Their comfort is our priority.

Speaker 1: It works perfectly for a big wimp like myself.

Dr. Joy Dhawan: It works perfectly for anyone.

Speaker 2: Don’t fear going to the dentist. Sedation dentistry might be just right for you. The team at Southcoast and Perfect Smiles will make your visit a pleasure.

Speaker 1: Well, Dr. Joy, I want to thank you for everything.

Dr. Joy Dhawan: It’s our pleasure.

Speaker 1: For making me very comfortable and now I must say, I am perfectly at ease.

Speaker 1: But always a great show, like you said, when it’s your peers it means so much more.

Speaker 4: Definitely and they hinted at-

Speaker 1: Yes I felt very relaxed. Dr. Joy and the team over there are outstanding. There are three types of sedation dentistry. They are minimal, oral and IV; which of course all vary. To find out which one is right for you, check out the friendly team at Southcoast Smiles and Perfect Smiles, for more we will have all the information at