Dentures have come a long way in the last 20 years. You can expect better fitting dentures that look just like your real teeth. Though there are dentists who promise 24-hour Franklin dentures, this is the type of process that is better if done right. Don’t rush through the process and choose a pro with some good experience and references and you’ll get the results that you’re hoping for.

What to Expect
You will need to see your Franklin dentist several times over a 3 to 6-week time frame. Initially, your dentist examines your mouth and will make some suggestions about the type of appliance that’s best for you. Next, your dentist will make a series of impressions. These serve as a pattern and they also show your dentist the size and shape of both jaws and how they work together.
After this, the dentist will make a mold.  These are wax forms or models that show the exact shape and position of the denture. Your dentist will be very thorough during this portion to ensure that the model is a perfect replica.  The dentist will match your dentures to the color of any natural teeth, but you can also bring in photos that show your smile and teeth at an earlier age. This can enable the dentist to perfect your dentures to where they closely resemble your old smile.
Off to the Lab
The dentist then sends everything off to a lab to be made. Dr. Ryan Jones uses Root Lab, the worldwide leader in denture manufacturing. They will create your custom dentures following all specifications. Once the dentures are completed, your Franklin dentist will give you a call to set up an appointment for a fitting. During the fitting, your dentist can make any final adjustments necessary so that your dentures fit comfortably.
It is not uncommon for dentures to feel awkward in your mouth at first. It takes time to get used to them, so be patient and if you have any problems, make an appointment and discuss this with your dentist. At Dr. Ryan Jones’s office, we strive to give you beautiful, well-fitting dentures that look just like your real teeth did.
Give yourself time to grow accustomed to having new dentures. It will take a little practice to learn to eat and talk with them but eventually, you’ll hardly even know that you’re wearing Franklin dentures.
Dr. Jones and his staff have the experience and training to provide you with a truly positive experience. We understand the stress of undergoing the process for new dentures and we do everything possible to make our patients feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. You can count on getting the very latest in digital state-of-the-art x-ray equipment, along with “The Wand”, Cari-Free products, the Diagnodent, and intraoral cameras.