Your smile says a lot about you. Without realizing it, we all make assumptions about people based on their smile. If someone has pretty teeth and healthy gums, we assume they’re in good health. On the other hand, if someone has poor dental health, we assume many negative things about them.

Though this isn’t always true, many studies uphold our beliefs. For instance, flossing helps prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease. It removes the plaque and bacteria from our teeth. If not removed, then plaque can be absorbed in the bloodstream and clog arteries. In fact, a Harvard Medical study found that men with periodontitis had an enormous 70% greater risk of developing coronary heart disease. Even gingivitis causes a 40% increase.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing twice each day for two minutes and flossing at least once per day. Unlike a toothbrush, floss removes the food and plaque that gets caught between the teeth. There are areas that a toothbrush can’t reach, but flossing goes in those tough places to get what your toothbrush misses.

Bad Breath
One thing that people with poor dental habits have in common is bad breath. That’s because they do not daily remove the food debris and plaque that’s stuck between their teeth and on the surface of the tongue. The bacteria in the plaque and left behind food debris cause bad odors.  Once this occurs, a simple brushing is not enough to get rid of bad breath. It will take stronger measures – as is the belief of many dentists.

Healthy Gums
Flossing not only removes hidden food particles but it keeps your gums healthy. Those with gum disease face a number of health problems. Gingivitis (gum disease), if untreated,  leads to Periodontitis (loss of the supporting bone around the teeth). These infections of the gums and supporting bone destroy healthy tissue and can lead to gum recession, loose teeth, and eventual loss of teeth if not treated.  The long-term effects of these chronic infections can be harmful to your health. The toxins and bacteria that are present with gingivitis are detrimental to your whole body health.

Serious Illness
Many serious illnesses are worsened by poor dental health. The infection from inflamed gums present in gingivitis goes right into your bloodstream. Those with diabetes are especially prone to gum disease and should take extra precautions by brushing and flossing daily. Doctors recommend that those who are pregnant and nursing take special care to maintain excellent dental health as well.

Start Flossing Today
Healthy teeth and gums are so important and Dr. Jones encourages all his patients to develop a maintainable flossing habit. If you need instructions on the best ways to floss, then she or her team can show you exactly how to get the best results from flossing!

Our office is interested in your good dental health and how it plays a major role in your overall wellbeing. We are always available to answer questions and provide you with the best dental care. Our office has digital state-of-the-art x-ray equipment and all the latest dental healthcare tools, including Cari-Free products, the Diagnodent, and intraoral cameras.  We work with patients to help them maintain a beautiful, healthy smile year-round.

Along those same lines, we know most people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get more healthy. Many women find it important to pay better care to their skin’s texture and elasticity. There are many cellulite creams on the market. But research states that no matter what you use, choosing something with natural ingredients is the best way to go. Check with your dermatologist or naturopathic professional for more information.