Are you seeking holistic care in Franklin? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of three local holistic care providers, right here in Middle Tennessee, that offer services focusing on your overall well-being and holistic health. Find out more about these Franklin practices by reading below! For those visiting and/or living in Matthews, NC, visiting a chiropractor is another good option to maintain overall health and wellness. You can find one at Matthews Family Chiropractic.

Sanctuary Functional Medicine

120 Holiday Ct #4, Franklin, TN 37067

(615) 721-2001

Located in Franklin, Sanctuary Functional Medicine is a comprehensive treatment facility and Medical Clinic operated by Dr. Eric Potter. Dr. Potter is an IFM Certified M.D. who graduated from Vanderbilt Medical School. He then continued his education to specialize his practices in internal medicine (adult) and pediatric care. You can find a list of his continuing medical training and certifications on SFM’s website. His practice combines the best of the conventional medical field with the best of Functional Medicine and features a full and well-rounded team of Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Holistic Nutritionists, Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses, and more. Dr. Potter’s clinic specializes in the treatment of chronic illness with a variety of treatment programs available to choose from. You can even have MTHFR, DNA, hormones and other diagnostic genetic issues investigated and addressed.

Integrative Family Medicine

330 Mallory Station Rd, Suite B3, Franklin, TN 37067

(615) 944-3530

Dani Williamson, FNP is the owner and operator of Integrative Family Medicine. Conveniently located in Franklin, this holistic care clinic focuses on helping patients achieve optimal health through the blending of “common sense practical medicine with modern medicine”. Dani Williamson herself graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Nursing Nurse Midwifery and the Family Nurse Practitioner program. She treats patients with both traditional and integrative therapies. Through her own personal illness and health journey, she discovered the importance of healing the gut. This personal experience is what motivates her to help her patients achieve “optimal” health. The clinic’s main focus is in gut, thyroid, hormone and adrenal health. She is very passionate about treating Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Dani’s approach to treatment involves a combined physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual process to healing. In addition to in-office consultations, you can find helpful information on her website. She provides a variety of online courses, videos, and additional resources.

Mission Chiropractic

206 Cool Springs Blvd, Franklin, TN 37067

(615) 465-6642

More than just a chiropractic office, Mission Chiropractic is designed to attend to the full well-being of the entire family. They believe that many health issues can be resolved through chiropractic, nutrition, fitness and holistic wellness. An avid Triathlete and IronMan competitor, Dr. Ronson Dykstra is the owner and head doctor at the facility. Since he opened his practice in 2013, he has won the “Best of Parenting” Award from 2014-2015. There are plenty of service options for your family to receive, including: Adjustments of the Spine, Mechanical Traction Therapy, Neuromuscular Re-education, Vibrational Therapy, Decompression Therapy, Food Sensitivity Testing, Heavy Metals Testing, Organic Acids Testing, Detoxification Programs, Nutrition Consultation, Weight Loss Consultation, and Exercise Recommendations. The facility strives to empower your entire family to not only achieve optimum health, but to maintain it for life. They even have special events that you can attend to receive more information about leading a healthy lifestyle.

We hope this list aides you in your search for Nashville holistic healthcare providers. Strides made towards a healthy lifestyle is nothing to shake your head at. We applaud your effort – keep up the good work!